About us

VALLCAN LOGISTIC S.A. is a consultancy firm, foreign trade management and Freight Forwarder, we offer our customers the best tools in logistics, both import and export. Always taking care of all operational processes, cost / benefit and deadlines, ensuring excellence in our services.

VALLCAN LOGISTIC S.A. has a trained staff that allows us to constantly track cargo, in real-time, able to manage safely and agility any type of cargo in themodality (Sea, Air and Road)

VALLCAN LOGISTIC S.A. has a qualified network of agents worldwide, the customers that work with us are mainly because of the agility, efficiency and transparency with which we operate by creating a bond of complete trust.

VALLCAN LOGISTIC S.A. was establish as a company in June 2007, which it principal social purpose is the International Freight Agent, Consolidator and Des-Consolidator Agent, of air, ocean and road freights. Is a part of a network of agencies for its operations worldwide.

Vallcan Logistic S.A has developed considerably, offering a range of Quality Services through a multimodal transportation system: sea, air, land, combined for both consolidated and loose cargo or full container.

For the provision of their services VALLCAN LOGISTIC S.A. has a consolidator des-consolidator record and cargo consolidator, issued by the Custom General Office (DGA) in addition is duly recorded in Paraguay Freight Forwarders Association (ATOLPAR) www.atolpar.org.py [1] VALLCAN LOGISTIC S.A.'s service is aimed at individual people and companies engaged in import and export cargo.

In addition, if it is required, provides related benefits such as customs clearance, packing, warehousing, door to door deliveries and others.

We are ready to handle your shipment from any origin and deliver complete logistics coverage.

Our professional staff is always aware to your requirements.

Thank you very much for visiting our website.

'' We are committed to our customer satisfaction in providing a reliable and comprehensive logistics service, through a worldwide network of agents personalized, flexible and effective. VALLCAN LOGISTIC S.A. continuous improvement to advance according to the demands of the global market''

Improve our participation in the market , achieving customer satisfaction, by providing our services for development and better results in foreign trade business.

Our mission is to provide international freight transport and logistics through efficient, through its global network of agents.

We work with professional ethics, we have the support of satisfied customers, communication is our most valuable tool, we seek growth and development of our human resources, we are aware of the community and the environment.

Our main strength is being part of a worldwide network of cargo agents, allowing us to offer our services to and from anywhere in the world.

Here are the services we can provide to our customers.

  • Internacional Trade Commerce Advice
  • Logistic & Distribution
  • Internacional Freights
  • Transport Inssurances
  • Custom Clearance
  • Multimodal Operations
  • Warehousing
  • Free Zones and Free Port


Thanks to our distribution web all around the World we have special agreements with several airlines, commercial and cargo lines, allowing this way a quick and efficient air transpo.

  • Consolidation.
  • Desconsolidation.
  • Direct shipments
  • Door to door service.
  • Courier service.
  • Dangerous goods.
  • Proyect cargoes
  • Perishable cargoes
  • Reefer cargoes


Through out our agreements (contract service) with many sea companies, allows us to count with available space in vessels as well as competitive rates.

  • FCL / full container load.
  • LCL less container load
  • Special container load.
  • Special container equipment.
  • Transshipments .
  • Door to door service.
  • Dangerous goods.
  • Project cargoes.
  • Heavy machinery transportation.
  • Reefer cargoes.


We have MERCOSUR service, through out a region offices which allows us to have a fluid communication and units available for your service.

  • Container’s carriage.
  • Special trailer as gooseneck.
  • Heavy machinery transportation.
  • Special trailer as lowerbed.
  • FTL full truck load.
  • LTL less truck load.
  • Door to door service.
  • Project cargoes.
  • Dangerous goods.
  • Perishable cargoes.
  • Reefer cargoes.
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Thanks to our distribution web all around the World we have special agreements with several airlines, commercial and cargo lines, allowing this way a quick and efficient air transportation.

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